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This is a basic-level conversational Spanish class for people who want to converse with business associates and customers, increase your social network, communicate with Spanish-speaking in-laws, or prepare for your vacation or retirement goals.


Having lived in Mexico City, Mexico for 20 years, I speak Spanish fluently.  More importantly, I know how overwhelmed you may feel (at first) with the different sounds and constructs of a new language, and understand the issues a foreigner faces when learning a new language.


My strength as a teacher is my ability to help you grasp the complex differences from our unique english perspective, keep your spirits and interest up with creative interaction and exercises that builds confidence, overcomes shyness, and teach you to speak basic Spanish like REAL people in the REAL  world  (instead of like a book).  My mission is to make learning and speaking your new language fun!

You'll work with

  • Creative and fun interactive tools

  • (such as Spanish Language learning telenovelas & slow-spoken newscasts)

  • Lots of conversation

  • Beginner's textbook



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