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Lots and lots of conversation! The degree of personal attention you can never get in a school!

Practice and coaching for job interviews and presentations!

Tax deductable!

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I'm committed to providing great tutoring at an affordable price, which means I'll look for the best way to get you on-board at a cost you can afford.

Check out Google and Yelp to see what students have said.

You'll get 3 free hours of interactive audio files to work with at home to quickly improve your pronunciation.

Learn in a relaxing natural environment, where you can develop the trust to make mistakes and build confidence in yourself.


Cindi has worked with students from many South American countries, Cuba, Mexico, China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, The Philippines, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria, among others. She has become the "go-to" tutor for residents at Florida Hospital.


After living and working in Mexico City, Mexico for 20 years in Broadcasting for Televisa as an English announcer for a CBS cable network, Cindi returned to Orlando several years ago and established her English As A Second Language, Spanish and Public Speaking Private Tutoring Service out of her Orlando home. Her mission has been to give students the encouragement and patient explanations that she herself wanted as she struggled to become fluent in Spanish.

Cindi attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas and then graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Fine Arts as an acting major.  Before moving to Mexico she was a working actress in regional theater and commercials in the N.Y., Atlanta and Miami markets.  As a professional announcer, she speaks clear, well-enunciated standard American English with no regional accent.

In addition to extensive teaching and tutoring experience she acquired in Mexico, she was the official English voice for Mexico's Televisa Network's English language CBS affiliate "American Network" for 9 years, and is a member of Screen Actor's Guild , American Federation of Television and Radio Arts, and Actor's Equity unions.




Cindi Huppel is an amazing teacher! Very committed and patient. I recommend her to everyone who wants to learn a new language in a dynamic and fun way!


I am very happy I met Cindi and decided to ask her help with my accent. She is experienced, has excellent and effective teaching skills, very patient and has a wonderful personality.  She is able to explain very important rules of the challenging English pronunciation which makes me under stand easily why I sound "different".  Her lessons are valuable and my English is quickly improving. I highly recommend her.

Orsi K

I was only trying to develop my accent when I first met Cindi, but because she cared so much, she discovered some other issues about my English, so she helped me a lot in this matter.  Some of the most important things that she discovered in my English was the way that I talk, and really tried hard to help me.  I appreciate what she has done for me and I hope I can return back to take some lessons with her.  Thanks a lot, Cindi


Cindi is an incredible addition to the Ashley Camille family.  With her experience and enthusiasm, she excites her students, instills in them the desire to attend class week after week and leaves them hungry for more.  The sounds of laughter and cheering are often heard when her class is in session, showing that she is not only an experienced and knowledgeable industry professional, but an incredible teacher who truly touches the lives of her students and co-workers alike.

Lindsay W

Legal and Administrative Assistant,

Ashley Camille School

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