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Do you speak English but worry that you're not understood?   Do people say "excuse me" too often? Are you afraid you're not being taken seriously at work, or frustrated that you can't express exactly what you want to say? You're not alone. It's painful, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

I specialize in working with professional adults who speak English, but want the personal touches they can't get in a typical ESL class.

I can help you to:

  • Speak more clearly.

  • Pronounce accurately.

  • Structure your English to express thoughts.

  • Be grammatically correct.

  • Achieve the music of American English.

  • Hear and duplicate our timing and tempo

  • Put it all together so that no one will know where you're from

  • Receive a custom-made 3-hour 2 cd set or mp3s with transcripts, to drill and PERFECT your pronunciation.



The first time we meet, there is no cost. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce ourselves - you can decide if you'd like me to be your personal ESL Tutor, and tell me the things you want to learn. After that, I will create a lesson plan specifically for you.


Part of each class will be devoted to conversation.  Depending on your interests, we'll be discussing your activities, observations of the week, or whatever comes to mind.  This is a time to practice gathering your thoughts to best express your ideas, and for us to observe which pronunciation and speech patterns you need to improve upon.


You'll receive (at no extra charge) 2 cd's or mp3s of three hours of vowel and consonant pronunciation, with written transcripts of all spoken words on the audio.  I designed these interactive tapes to give you time to practice your English while driving, taking a coffee break, or at any time you can fit in during your busy day.  Multitasking!


Some of my students are professionals who have advanced English skills.  However, most everyone has a few problem areas with grammar, so our classes will address grammatical improvements as needed.


Classes are designed to be varied and fun.  You may wish to keep your native accent, reduce it significantly or go more American when needed.  We'll work on musicality, syllable stress, intonation and all the peculiarities of the American sound, as well as writing and listening.


Depending on your level and needs, a textbook may be recommended.

Call or email me to get started.

It's easy.

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