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Does Public Speaking feel like DEATH?


It's said that speaking before others others is our number ONE fear...OVER DYING!

Public Speaking can be intimidating for a non-native English speaker worried about their English pronunciation, as well as for a native speaker with a case of cold feet.  A private public speaking tutor can offer the coaching and support you need for you to reach out, speak up, and move forward in your life.


As a professional stage, commercial and voice-over actress with 30 years experience in the Broadcast business, I bring a rich background of acting, announcing and presenting skills to help you or your small corporate group learn how to write and deliver an engaging and interesting presentation.


Coaching Sessions include:

  • Creative warm-ups

  • Speech organization and structure

  • Body language

  • Projection

  • Coherency

  • Diction, eliminating bad habits

  • Fear issues

  • For On-Camera:

  • Improvs

  • Cold reads

  • Commercial and script reads

  • Monologues

  • Wardrobe

  • Hairal presetatio

  • Personal presentation





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